Dasha Kelly (Credit : Milwaukee Art Museum 2016)
Climbing from a rut or delving into a new endeavor, Dasha can
stir ideas. Manuscripts. Businesses. Courtships. Healing.
Loosening the creative pipes to explore uncharted ground is,
actually, a robust place to launch or examine project ideas and
plans. She escorts the room toward fresh imaginings by
introducing sharpened creative experiences and moderating a
post-discovery. Of course, Dasha is always eager to guide writers
from blank pages to fresh drafts.

The missing element for dynamic and necessary conversations,
oftentimes, can be a skilled and neutral facilitator. Dasha holds
space and dialogue in a way that honors all voices while
stewarding the body toward a productive and effective
outcome.  From moderating panels to leading idea-sourcing
sessions to managing the fluidity of large and small group
engagements, Dasha is an empathetic and nimble discussion
Teams. Communities. Strategies. Programs.  Dasha can assist
with any form of building, and at any phase. With more than 25
years experience in project management, leadership training,
event planning, outreach, marketing and communications,
coaching and curating, Dasha brings a breadth of experiences
and creative ideas to help shape next-step expectations.

Talking in front of people is just ... what Dasha does.  As a
keynote address, event emcee, or inspirational performance,
Dasha applies a unique and compelling voice to your
conference, convention, banquet, etc. While she is adept to
craft and customize messaging for your event objectives, she
favors opportunities to discuss the importance of defining and
sharing our truths and the impact of creativity and language.